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    r63 r69  
    77"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://bugs.kde.org\n"
    88"POT-Creation-Date: 2010-02-23 10:37+0100\n"
    9 "PO-Revision-Date: 2010-02-14 00:53+0100\n"
    10 "Last-Translator: Oliver Mucafir <oliver.untwist@gmail.com>\n"
    11 "Language-Team: Croatian <kde-croatia-list@lists.sourceforge.net>\n"
     9"PO-Revision-Date: 2010-02-25 17:52+0000\n"
     10"Last-Translator: \n"
     11"Language-Team: Croatian <kde-i18n-doc@kde.org>\n"
    1212"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
    1313"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
    1515"Language: hr\n"
    1616"Plural-Forms: nplurals=3; plural=(n%10==1 && n%100!=11 ? 0 : n%10>=2 && n%10<=4 && (n%100<10 || n%100>=20) ? 1 : 2);\n"
    17 "X-Generator: Lokalize 0.3\n"
     17"X-Generator: Lokalize 1.0\n"
    1818"X-Environment: kde\n"
    1919"X-Accelerator-Marker: &\n"
    120120#: src/molcalcwidgetbase.ui:205
    121121msgid "Element"
    122 msgstr "Element"
     122msgstr ""
    124124#. +> trunk stable
    302302#: data/knowledge.xml:90
    303303msgid "SI-Unit"
    304 msgstr "SI-jedinice"
     304msgstr "SI-jedinica"
    306306#. +> trunk stable
    307307#: data/knowledge.xml:91
    308308msgid "Measurement unit using International Symbols."
    309 msgstr "Mjerne jedinice izraÅŸene međunarodnim simbolima."
     309msgstr "Mjerna jedinica izraÅŸena međunarodnim simbolima."
    311311#. +> trunk stable
    317317#: data/knowledge.xml:95
    318318msgid "The number of digits which are meaningful in a number."
    319 msgstr "Broj znamenki nekog broja koje su značajne. "
     319msgstr "Broj značajnih znamenki nekog broja. "
    321321#. +> trunk stable
    352352#: data/knowledge.xml:110
    353353msgid "Alpha rays"
    354 msgstr "Alfa zrake"
     354msgstr "Alfa-zrake"
    356356#. +> trunk stable
    357357#: data/knowledge.xml:111
    358358msgid "Rays consisting of alpha particles, consisting of two protons and two neutrons that are emitted from the Atoms of certain radioactive elements."
    359 msgstr "Zrake koje se sastoje od alfa Äestica, dva protona i dva neutrona (helijeve jezgre). Emitiraju ih određeni radioaktivni elementi."
     359msgstr "Zrake koje se sastoje od alfa-čestica, dva protona i dva neutrona (helijeve jezgre). Emitiraju ih određeni radioaktivni elementi."
    361361#. +> trunk stable
    421421#. +> trunk stable
    422422#: data/knowledge.xml:146
    423 #, fuzzy
    424423msgid "Spin"
    425 msgstr "Vrtnja"
     424msgstr ""
    427426#. +> trunk stable
    428427#: data/knowledge.xml:147
    429428msgid "The spin is an intrinsic angular momentum associated with microscopic particles. It is a purely quantum mechanical phenomenon without any analogy in classical mechanics. Whereas classical angular momentum arises from the rotation of an extended object, spin is not associated with any rotating internal masses, but is intrinsic to the particle itself."
    430 msgstr ""
     429msgstr "Spin je intrinzičan angularni moment povezan s mikroskopskim česticama. On je čisto kvantno-mehanički fenomen bez ikakve analogije u klasičnoj mehanici. Nije povezan s unutraÅ¡njim rotirajućim masama, ali je intrinzičan u odnosu na česticu samu."
    432431#. +> trunk stable
    433432#: data/knowledge.xml:153 src/detailinfodlg.cpp:343
    434433msgid "Magnetic Moment"
    435 msgstr ""
     434msgstr "Magnetni moment"
    437436#. +> trunk stable
    438437#: data/knowledge.xml:154
    439438msgid "The magnetic moment of an object is a vector relating the aligning torque in a magnetic field experienced by the object to the field vector itself. It is measured in units of the nuclear magneton &#956;[sub]n[/sub]=(5.0507866 &#177; 0.0000017) 10[sup]-27[/sup] JT[sup]-1[/sup]"
    440 msgstr ""
     439msgstr "Magnetni moment nekog objekta je vektor koji se odnosi na okretni moment u magnetnom kojeg \"osjeća\" objekt prema samom vektoru polja. Mjerna jedinica je nuklearni magneton &#956;[sub]n[/sub]=(5.0507866 &#177; 0.0000017) 10[sup]-27[/sup] JT[sup]-1[/sup]"
    442441#. +> trunk stable
    443442#: data/knowledge.xml:160
    444443msgid "Decay Mode"
    445 msgstr ""
     444msgstr "Vrsta radioaktivnog raspada"
    447446#. +> trunk stable
    448447#: data/knowledge.xml:161
    449448msgid "The decay mode describes a particular way a particle decays. For radioactive decay (the decay of nuclides) the decay modes are:[br] -> alpha decay (emission of a Helium-4 nucleus).[br] -> &#946;[sup]-[/sup] decay (emission of an electron)[br] -> &#946;[sup]+[/sup] decay (emission of a positron) [br] -> electron capture (EC) [br] -> proton emission [br] -> spontaneous fission [br] Typically one decay mode predominates for a particular nuclide."
    450 msgstr ""
     449msgstr "Vrsta radioaktivnog raspada opisuje način raspada čestice. Za radioaktivni raspad (raspad nuklida) vrste su: br] -> alpha-raspad (emisija jezgara helija-4).[br] -> &#946;[sup]-[/sup] raspad (emisija elektrona)[br] -> &#946;[sup]+[/sup] raspad (emisija pozitrona) [br] -> hvatanje elektrona (EC) [br] -> emisija protona [br] -> spontana fisija [br] Uobičajeno za određeni nuklid prevladava jedna vrsta raspada."
    452451#. +> trunk stable
    453452#: data/knowledge.xml:167
    454453msgid "Decay Energy"
    455 msgstr ""
     454msgstr "Energija raspada"
    457456#. +> trunk stable
    458457#: data/knowledge.xml:168
    459458msgid "The decay energy is the energy released by a nuclear decay."
    460 msgstr ""
     459msgstr "Enegija raspada je energija oslobođena kod nuklearnog raspada."
    462461#. +> trunk stable
    463462#: data/knowledge.xml:174
    464463msgid "Nuclides"
    465 msgstr "Nuklid"
     464msgstr "Nuklidi"
    467466#. +> trunk stable
    468467#: data/knowledge.xml:175
    469468msgid "[i]see isotopes[/i]"
    470 msgstr ""
     469msgstr "[i]vidi izotope[/i]"
    472471#. +> trunk stable
    480479#: data/knowledge.xml:202
    481480msgid "Nuclear Isomer"
    482 msgstr "Nuklearni izomeri"
     481msgstr "Nuklearni izomer"
    484483#. +> trunk stable
    490489#: data/knowledge.xml:185
    491490msgid "Two nuclides are isotones if they have the same number N of neutrons."
    492 msgstr ""
     491msgstr "Dva nuklida su izotoni ako imaju isti broj neutrona, N."
    494493#. +> trunk stable
    500499#: data/knowledge.xml:194
    501500msgid "Isobars are nuclides having the same mass number, i.e. sum of protons plus neutrons."
    502 msgstr ""
     501msgstr "Izobari su nuklidi koji imaju isti maseni broj, A, tj. zbroj protona i neutrona."
    504503#. +> trunk stable
    11061105#: libavogadro-kalzium/src/engines/ringsettingswidget.ui:16
    11071106#: libavogadro-kalzium/src/engines/surfacesettingswidget.ui:17
    1108 #, fuzzy
    11091107msgid "Opacity:"
    1110 msgstr "Providnost:"
     1108msgstr "Neprozirnost:"
    11121110#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QCheckBox, showMulti)
    11151113#: libavogadro-kalzium/src/engines/bsdysettingswidget.ui:119
    11161114#: libavogadro-kalzium/src/engines/wiresettingswidget.ui:31
    1117 #, fuzzy
    11181115#| msgid "Show &Tooltips"
    11191116msgid "Show Multiple Bonds"
    1120 msgstr "PrikaÅŸi &savjete alata"
     1117msgstr "PrikaÅŸi viÅ¡estruke veze"
    11221119#. i18n: ectx: property (text), widget (QLabel, label)
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